Video of woman tearing off her headscarf at Tehran engineers’ event goes viral

Zeynab Kazempour, removed her headscarf during the annual assembly of the Tehran Engineers Association on Friday, February 17, 2023.

Video of Zeynab Kazempour removing her headscarf on Friday during the annual assembly of the Tehran Engineer’s Association went viral.  Protesting the board of directors’ refusal to accept her candidacy to run for the board due to her improper hijab and dressing habits, Kazempour pulled off her headscarf  and made a brief comment on the stage: “I do not recognize an assembly that prohibits candidates from running because they do not wear a headscarf.”  Participants at the meeting applauded her bravery as she tossed off her scarf before leaving the stage.

Users on social media stress that conditions in the country will never rebound to the period before the persistent nationwide protests, and the government is no longer in a position to enforce hijab laws on women anymore.