Mission & Vision


The Alliance of Iranian Women was established in 2006, in order to provide an arena for the women of Iran to come together and unite in their quest to regain their human freedom and dignity that was taken away from them by a political Islamic ideology, established in 1979. The goal was to establish an organization for the Iranian women, from both inside Iran and around the world, to be heard and seen as they struggle to attain their freedom and equal individual rights.

Our mission is to bring Iranian women together and collectively reinforce them in their struggles to attain their goals. We are at the core of a distinct network that mobilizes around the issues of women’s equal rights and prevention of political use of religion to dominate and abuse women and children.

AIW’s mission is to bring the voice of the Iranian women living under the Khomeinist regime’s Sharia Laws, to the Western democracies. Iranian women have never relented to oppression and have stood steadfast in the face of gender apartheid, to attain their equal and human rights. The women of Iran want to be heard by their sisters in the West and call on them to support them in their fight to separate politics from the issue of women and children’s rights.

We are dedicated to compiling, vetting and disseminating information and documentation on crimes committed by the Islamic regime officials, against the women and children of Iran.


Solidarity & Assistance

AIW responds to, circulates and initiates international alerts for action and campaigns as requested by networking groups and allies. AIW also provides concrete support for individual women in the form of information on their legal rights, assistance with asylum applications, and links with relevant support institutions, etc.

Networking & Information Services

AIW puts women in direct contact with each other to facilitate a non-hierarchical exchange of information, expertise, strategies and experience. Networking also involves documenting trends, proactively circulating information among networkers and allies, generating new analysis, and supporting networkers’ participation in exchanges and international events.

Iranian women fervently repudiate the prevailing narrative of the Western world that; the present Shia clerical regime is our culture. We strongly oppose this falsehood.