A Policy Proposal on Iran

By Manda Zand Ervin

Source: New English Review

President Jimmy Carter was told that Ayatollah Khomeini was a man of God, who had promised that “American citizens and interests will be safe in his Islamic ruled Iran”. However, his anti-American rhetoric began, as soon as he arrived to Tehran. The take-over of the US embassy on November 7th of 1979, was proof that his regime can never be trusted or reformed. President Carter learned that Khomeini was not reliable, nor a man of God.

During the last 42 years the fake men of God have run a tyranny of mass killings and executions on the people of Iran. Despite their anti-America and anti-Israel rhetoric, their atrocities, regional terrorism and violations of all international rules and regulations, they have remained in power, under the diplomacy of preventing their access to nuclear bomb! However, history has proven that diplomacies have never prevented dictators’ access to nuclear bomb, they have just delayed them.

The Obama-Biden administration even rewarded Khamenei and his Islamic Revolutionary Guard, $143 Billion, and much more in cash, in the name of “diplomacy,” knowing well it will be all spent on purchasing arms to continue their terrorism, and expansion of their power in the region, to threaten Israel. Under the policies of diplomacy, countries have been decimated, millions have lost their homelands and become refugees, hundreds of thousands of humans have been killed by these fake men of God, who have been using the threat of making the forbidden Nuclear Bomb.

Yet again; Mr. Joe Biden’s Iran policy is still: “I will offer Tehran a credible path back to diplomacy”. However, Iranian people look at this policy as the empowerment of an evil regime that has fomented more wars, destructions of the cities, countries, tribes, and killings of Christians, Yazidis, Zoroastrians, women and children, not counting all the lives of American soldiers killed in Iraq.

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic regime, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has been putting Iran on the auction block for votes of support in the UN, EU, etc. The recent treaty that China is entering into with Khamenei will give them economic and political control of the world, at least for the next 99-year duration of this treaty. China needs energy as in Iranian oil and gas, but Xi Jinping wants the control of the Persian Gulf, not only to control its energy sources, but to take over the US control of the region. Russia took over the Caspian Sea and Central Asia many years ago.  Between Putin and Xi Jinping the guardians of the fake men of God, how will Mr. Biden’s “Credible path to Diplomacy” prevent the collapse of the western economy in the world of East vs. West?

We, the people of Iran, have revolted against the Islamic regime, time and again. We asked President Obama not to empower the dictatorial rule, but we were ignored. We have been massacred and executed.  According to the World Day Against the Death Penalty Annual Report on Executions in Iran: “Between October 10, 2019, and October 8, 2020, the death penalty and executions have been the focus of 264 HRANA reports. Over this time period, the Iranian authorities issued the death penalty sentence to 96 individuals and have already carried out 256 executions including the executions of 2 juveniles.”

Iranian children’s school provided by their villagers

We have a proud ancient civilization, rooted on respect for human rights, equality and dignity of all people. During the last 42 years we, the people of Iran, have been completely isolated from the International Community. We want to take back our place of respect in the world. We want to live as Iranians, free from discrimination against our fellow citizens. We want our children to attend schools not labor. We are against gender apartheid, religious discrimination, and dictatorial rule. We deserve the right to demonstrate against Khamenei on the streets, without being arrested, tortured and hung, like the champion wrestler Navid Afkari, and the rearrested like Giti Pourfazel, an attorney who dared to write a letter signed by 13 other brave women to ask Khamenei to resign and leave their country.

We assure Western democracies that the dictatorial regime of the fake men of God is not reformable. Their history has proven it. “We have the right to live in a “secular” democracy.

The Iranian people don’t want war, dictatorial rule, gender apartheid, hungry working children and jobless poor population. If peace is important to the Western democracies, if the United States wants an Iran without the danger of nuclear bomb, this is our proposal:

Please let Khamenei know that they no longer have our support. End appeasement policies.

End arms deals and trade relations with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp.

No more meetings and negotiations with Mr. Zarif. Call in Western ambassadors from Tehran.

We also invite the Western media to please stand by the freedom seeking people of Iran. Instead of giving Zarif a platform, speak to Iranian opposition leaders. Report the truths about the crimes that the fake men of God have been committing against humanity during the last 42 years.