Islamists Do Not Flee Tyranny, They Bring It With Them

By Manda Zand Ervin

Source: Gatestone Institute

  • Radical Islamists claiming to be moderates are energetically inverting for Americans who are the victims and who are the bullies.
Islamists march in London. (Image: Getty Images)

The film The Third Jihad has become another excuse for the mainstream media, especially the New York Times, to show yet again just what Cultural Imperialists they can be. Once more, these self-proclaimed moral authorities have taken it upon themselves to stand with the Muslim “victims” against the so-called “bullies,” unwittingly inverting who are the victims and who are the bullies –and as if we cannot fend for ourselves and need the protection of their Cultural Imperialist Censorship.

American Muslims are largely made up of immigrants from 57 different Muslim-majority countries –- every one of which discriminates against all other religions, and whose leaders and clergy call for all non-Muslims, the “infidels,” to be killed, as prescribed by Sharia law. In recent months we have witnessed the ever-increasing attacks on, and persecution of, Christians in Muslim countries.

In these very Muslim-majority countries, even Muslims of different sects are discriminated against and abused. In Wahhabi Saudi Arabia, Shia Muslims are treated as second-class citizens (or Dhimmis) and kept separate from the Sunni majority; and Christians, hired to work, are kept inside the walled communities.

The Shia Islamic regime in Iran has, in turn, been killing the Sunni Muslims, persecuting the peaceful Sufis, and tearing down their Mosques and meeting halls. This religious discrimination, practiced under Sharia law for 1400 years, is now the culture that Islamists are propagating and spurring on in the Muslim world.

Most American Muslims have run away from the political and radical Islamism that has now begun to spread like wildfire here in America. We non-Islamist Muslims came to live not only in prosperity, but also in freedom, equality and in a democratic society – not a single one of which is provided under the regimes of our native countries which we were forced to leave behind.

Here in America the Sunnis, Shiites, Sufis, even Wahhabis and all other sects of Islam live without discrimination. We live in freedom, and those people who practice have even learned to share Mosques. We have learned to respect not only all other Muslims but all other people as well, no matter what their religious beliefs.

Although our adopted country has been attacked by Radical Islamists, we have never been blamed for their violence by our non-Muslim compatriots.

A small number of these same Radical Islamists who discriminate against us in our countries of origin are now in America armed with petrodollars, and falsely claiming to be “moderate,” and to represent this highly diverse group of Americans; they are also crying crocodile tears of discrimination against Muslims in America.

The problem is, these Radical Islamists and their allies and supporters among America’s mainstream media, as well as academia and ideological elite who are being used by the Islamists, and in turn, are using the Islamists to wreak their own political ideological havoc.

In the middle of this culture stand American Muslims, the “silent majority,” living in the society of their dreams and minding their own business, but who are worried about the consequences of this thickening alliance between Islamists and well-intentioned — but woefully misguided — Liberals whom we are forced to suffer.

The story of The Third Jihad, which the silent majority is happy to see, is a fair and true account of the issues of today’s Islamism. Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, an observant Muslim, narrated the film because it was not about his religion, Islam; it was about an ideology called Political Islamism that is in the business of terrorizing Muslims and non-Muslims alike. These Islamists did not come here to escape tyranny; they brought it with them.

The mainstream media, however, are opposing this short film to further their political agenda by attacking the New York Police Department [NYPD], who lost so many of its members trying to save people from the burning towers of the World Trade Center 11 years ago — the same NYPD they will harshly criticize if they are not as quickly responsive to the next Islamist terrorist attacks.

Worse, the mainstream media are criticizing the NYPD for merely watching the film – the media could not even bestir themselves to do the most minimal due diligence about the contents of the film or to address its contents.

One of the treasured freedoms we came here for, which exits nowhere else, is freedom of speech: Why should the NYPD not watch this documentary? It often appears to us that the Islamists and the Liberals do not want people to hear any version but their own.

We, the American Muslims, refuse the interference of these political ideologies in our religion. We refuse to become a political tool for the Islamists and American cultural imperialists.

We stand by the The Third Jihad, the NYPD’s watching it, and the priceless freedom of speech.