Record Fines Levied In Iran For Hijab Violations

Source: Iran International

Iranian women defying hijab rules in Tehran

A member of the Iranian parliament’s cultural commission announced a substantial fine of 240 million rials for the violation of the hijab in Iran, a record high.

Amir-Hossein Bankipour said, “a fine of 30 million rials for the first-time violation” will be in place, however, the gravity of the penalty is amplified for the second offense, as people “must now face court proceedings, with a penalty of 240 million rials.”

Bankipour’s statements have drawn attention to the significant sum, equivalent to over two months’ wages, nearly 500 US dollars, in Iran. The controversial proposal has ignited discussions about the severity of the penalties and their potential economic implications on women.

The legislator revealed that there were differing opinions during the bill’s formulation, with some suggesting the immediate referral of individuals without a hijab to court, a proposal rejected by the Judiciary Commission. Bankipour emphasized that, “for minor offenses such as a woman not observing the hijab in public, the approved provision stipulates a fine instead of a direct court appearance.”

The bill, officially titled “Protection of Family Through Promotion of Hijab and Chastity Culture,” initially secured parliamentary approval in September. However, it encountered an unexpected setback when the Guardian Council, holding ultimate legislative authority, rejected it. The rejection cited formal deficiencies and called for revisions to clarify ambiguous terms.

The development occurs against the backdrop of protests triggered by the tragic death of Mahsa Amini in 2022. Mass hijab rebellion has swept the country with increasing surveillance and crackdowns failing to stem the tide.