Iranian Journalist Faces Legal Action Over Reporting Teenager’s Death

Source: Iran International

A photo montage showing Armita Geravand and a screen grab from a CCTV camera showing her at the subway

Iran’s Shargh newspaper’s economic editor, Maryam Shokrani, is set to appear in court in December following her coverage on the death of a teenage girl in the Tehran subway.

Shokrani revealed the legal summons via X, citing allegations of “spreading lies and propaganda against the system” after the story broke of Armita Geravand, 16, dying after being in a violent incident with morality police.

Like Mahsa Amini, the cause of her death while in morality police custody was never revealed by authorities though it is believed she fell into a coma after falling during the clash on the subway.

In a recent Instagram post on November 22, Shokrani expressed her dismay, stating that the case was forwarded to Branch 1058 of the Culture and Media Prosecutor’s Office without proper investigation, and she had not been given an opportunity to present her defense.

This marks the second legal case filed against Shokrani in the past few weeks. Initially, she had been summoned to Branch 16 of the Tehran Culture and Media Prosecutor’s Office, unaware of the complaint’s subject matter.

The two journalists who reported the death of Amini were also imprisoned last month as the regime continues its crackdown on dissident voices.

Iran has arrested at least 79 journalists since the uprising of September last year, according to Reporters Without Borders.